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GHOST Tutti Frutti Liquid
GHOST Tutti Frutti rush ultra strong liquid incense 7ml:
Experience the sweet and invigorating flavor of GHOST Tutti Frutti rush ultra strong liquid incense!
The liquid herbal incense is one of the favorite blends in our store especially
among those that love the sweet and wholesome tutti frutti flavor.
Each pack of rush ultra strong liquid incense contains 7ml of the herbal high.
It is one of the most potent blends we have in our store.
We do not recommend it to beginners. It is only for advanced users that are brave
enough to deal with the intensity and potency of the blend.
We offer worldwide delivery of the rush ultra strong liquid incense. Our store also offers free shipping
if the total amount of your order is at least 60$ If it is not your local currency, don’t worry!
You will still qualify for the free shipping. In the checkout, there will be an automatic conversion.
And if your order reaches this amount upon checkout, you’re automatically qualified for the free shipping.
Another reason to buy from k2 incense official store is our discreet delivery.
Every order is shipped in a discreet packaging.
No one would know that you’ve ordered GHOST Tutti Frutti rush ultra strong liquid incense
We also offer only high quality, potent liquid incense.
With us, you can rest assured you’re buying authentic
legal highs from the makers themselves.
Also in our store: AK-47 Herbal Incense 5g
Our store also offers the widest collection of incenses and legal highs,
giving customers the chance to try different variants until they find their favorite blend.
At k2 incense official store, customers can also be certain that
they’re transacting with a safe and secure website.
With us, you can be certain that your personal and financial details are safe.
Do not misuse this rush ultra strong liquid incense.
This is not for inhalation or human consumption.
Our store disclaims any liability for any accident or
injury resulting from misuse of the liquid herbal incense.
The rush ultra strong liquid incense  is a potent blend. Beginners should practice caution using it.
Store it in a cool and dry place to preserve its freshness.
No product on this site is for medical purposes.
They must not be used to diagnose,
prevent or cure any medical condition.

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Tutti Frutti, Sweet Candy, Ice Menthol, Blackcurrant, BlackBerry


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