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K2 Powder


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Our K2 powder is a series of terpene side chain compounds containing 2-methyl-1, 4-naphthalene quinone and C3 with different number of isoprene structural units. According to the number of carbon elements on the terpene side chain, it can be divided into K2 (10), K2 (20), K2 (35), K2 (40), etc. Vitamin K2 (35) is vitamin K2 with 35 carbon elements on the terpene side chain; Vitamin K2 (35) is also known as methylnaphthalene quinone-7, which is named after seven isoprene side chains on the terpene side chain.

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 K2 Powder

K2 powder, also known as menaquinone 7, is a fat-soluble vitamin, commonly referred to as MK. It is important for the health of bone and cardiovascular. The activity of vitamin K2 is related to the length of the side chain, the longer the side chain, the better the absorption, the higher the biological activity, and the longer the presence in the blood. Among them, vitamin K2 (MK-7) is the most unique in the vitamin K2 family. It has been shown to have the highest bioavailability and a long half-life in the blood after oral ingestion, thus being able to exert its benefits over a longer time cycle.


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