What Is CBD Oil?

When we’re talking about CBD oil, we’re talking about the oil extracted from the buds, leaves and stems of the hemp plant (so, not hemp seed oil). Hemp oil is rich in cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids, and has many wellness benefits due to the interaction these compounds (CBD, in particular) have with the body’s endocannabinoid system.

CBD oil tinctures contain this rich, robust hemp oil and usually some sort of carrier oil, such as coconut-derived MCT oil, so that your body can better absorb the CBD. Beyond that, it’s simply a matter of dialing in additional ingredients to serve the purpose of a particular product, such as added THC for our relaxing Delta-9 THC Oil Tinctures or adaptogenic mushrooms for our CBD + Mushroom Drops.

The Benefits Of CBD Tinctures

CBD oil gives you a great base, from which you build out a variety of wellness products. As mentioned, CBD oil itself is rich in cannabinoids (including CBD, CBG, CBN, CBC, and trace amounts of THC), terpenes, flavonoids, and healthy fatty acids. This rich cannabis oil delivers a wide variety of calming wellness benefits through its interaction with the body’s endocannabinoid system. The ECS helps the body to maintain homeostasis, or balance, in a variety of organs and systems, most notably the central and peripheral nervous systems. This helps the body to regulate such functions as mood, memory, motor control, sleep, appetite, pain and stress management, immune function, and much more. This beneficial interaction is why CBD has become such a popular wellness supplement.

From there, we’re always researching new formulations to address every wellness need, from sleep support and stress relief to focused energy and relaxed feelings of wellbeing. Whether we’re making use of additional cannabinoids and terpenes, bringing in well-known supplements like melatonin or curcumin, or reinventing our CBD oils altogether with adaptogenic mushrooms or delta-9 THC, we’re always looking for new ways to maximize your wellness.

How To Take CBD Oil Drops

CBD oil tinctures are great, because they allow you to dial in the exact amount of CBD in your serving, unlike products such as capsules or gummies, which have a fixed serving size. If this is your first time taking an oil tincture (or the first time you’ve stepped up to a delta-9 THC oil), here’s a quick primer on how to take CBD tinctures.

  1. Check The Serving Size

Read the label of your CBD oil tincture carefully to determine the recommended dosage. That doesn’t mean this is the perfect CBD dosage for you, necessarily. We all have different levels of bioavailability — that is, the amount and rate at which we absorb CBD. If you’re trying CBD (or delta-9 THC) for the first time, start with a low dosage in order to help gauge the effects of your CBD product. A recommended serving size for all of our tinctures is a single 1mL dropper. So, for your first time, we recommend just trying just half a dropper to see how the CBD product affects you.

  1. Place Drops Under The Tongue

Your body will absorb the CBD in a couple of ways. First and foremost, it’s important to hold the hemp tincture under your tongue for 60 seconds in order for the CBD to be absorbed through the capillaries of your mouth. This will get the CBD into your bloodstream much quicker than if you had simply swallowed it, which would mean waiting for the CBD to be absorbed through your digestive tract. Of course, once you swallow the CBD oil, it will travel through your digestive system, in addition, giving you extended benefits.

Make sure not to drink anything for about 10 minutes after you take your CBD oil. This way, the capillaries of your mouth will continue to soak in any residual CBD.

  1. Be Patient And Understand The Effects Of Your CBD Oil

Don’t expect to feel the CBD effects immediately. Sublingual CBD products can take 15–30 minutes to kick in, depending on bioavailability factors. It’s also important to understand what your CBD tincture was designed to do. For instance, if you take our CBD + CBG Oil Wellness Tincture, don’t expect to relax or unwind. A CBD wellness elixir is designed for focus and daily wellness benefits, not relaxation. If you know what your tincture is supposed to do, and understand bioavailability rates for CBD oils, you can better manage your expectations.

Now, it’s just a matter of whether or not your CBD dosage was the correct serving size for you.

  1. Your CBD Tincture Worked? Great, You’re Done!

If just a half dropper of CBD tincture was enough for you to feel the effects, then you’ve found your own personal “Goldilocks” serving size: the one that’s just right for you! Don’t worry that it’s only a half dropper. In fact, you should celebrate the fact that you can stretch out your CBD supply much farther than other folks can.

  1. Didn’t Feel The Effects Of Your CBD Oil? Recalibrate Your Dosage

A half dropper of CBD Sleep Tincture wasn’t quite enough to put you down for the night? Don’t worry — and don’t reach for the bottle to grab an extra drop! If you get impatient and take a second dose of CBD oil, you won’t know whether you’re feeling the effects of the second drop or the first drop kicking in a little later than expected. And you may accidentally build up an unnecessary tolerance to CBD, as well.

When you try a new CBD product (or delta-9 THC), you should be prepared to under-dose on the first day. That’s okay. Tomorrow, after the first CBD drop has worked its way out of your system, you can try again with a higher dose (three-fourths of a dropper or a full CBD dropper). Then, you’ll know for certain what did and didn’t work.

  1. Or …

You can also bypass the whole sublingual method, altogether, and simply swallow your CBD oil. Many people, in fact, add CBD oil tincture to their coffee or smoothie. This works perfectly fine, as well. Just know that when you take your tincture as an edible, absorbing it through your digestive system rather than beneath the tongue, it will take longer to feel the effects (30 minutes to two hours, on average).

Why Choose Our CBD Oil Tinctures

When you shop for any CBD product, you want to look for purity and potency in the CBD itself, as well as any complementary ingredients. At CBDfx, we only use organic hemp and we extract the CBD using clean carbon dioxide. That means, our products are free from harmful chemicals, such as pesticides, heavy metals, GMOs, and solvent residues. And you can verify the purity and potency of all of our CBD products by looking at the independent, third-party lab reports we provide on our website. We also use only natural ingredients, such as coconut-derived MCT oil, in our products.

What Is A THC Oil Tincture?

With our THC oil tinctures (and all of our Delta-9 THC products, for that matter), we’ve taken full spectrum CBD and topped off the THC tank, bringing the THC content right up to the legal limit. This allows you to (legally!) enjoy all the wellness and relaxation benefits of tetrahydrocannabinol. Our THC tinctures come in two formulations: Ultimate Chill THC Drops for relaxed good vibes and Sweet Dreams THC Drops for deep and restful sleep.



For many people, tinctures are the most familiar and preferred method of consuming CBD. Perhaps the reason oil tinctures are so popular is because you can regulate the exact size of your serving. Additionally, adjusting your dose is relatively easy by adding or subtracting a few drops. Everyone is different, and we all have different factors that affect bioavailability, including weight, height, body mass, and tolerance, to name a few. Using a tincture allows you to experiment a bit more to dial in the exact amount of CBD that fits your needs.

CBDfx has three different oil tinctures, each made with pure, organic CBD oil (with the transparency of third-party lab reports). Each oil has its own unique profile tEDhat takes advantage of the Entourage Effect, the unique interaction between different cannabinoids when they are consumed. The CBD + CBG Oil Wellness Tincture blends broad spectrum CBD with CBG, the “mother of all cannabinoids,” for a wonderful, health-boosting daily supplement. The CBD + CBN Oil Calmness Tincture features full spectrum CBD (that is, the oil containing all of the rich cannabinoid and terpene profile, just as it was extracted from the hemp plant), as well as CBN, the “ultimate relaxation cannabinoid.” This provides a restful, calming effect which is great for kicking back and relaxing, and even getting ready for sleep. If you’re looking for a sleep tincture, though, I recommend the CBD Oil Sleep Tincture, which features broad spectrum CBD, CBN, popular natural sleep aid melatonin, and a host of sleep terpenes. This tincture effectively helps you to get to sleep quickly, and to sleep soundly through the night.


Dr John Rackham

Dr. John Rackham


Full Spectrum CBD Oil

Full Spectrum CBD has fantastic benefits on the body. At the same time, CBD full spectrum tinctures are one of the most commonly used techniques of extracting and consuming cannabinoids.

Our Promise to You

We strive to make each JustCBD full-spectrum CBD oil the best CBD oil in the marketplace. We only source the best organic hemp grown in Oregon and Colorado. Then throughout the extraction process to create the most robust Full Spectrum CBD Oil possible while keeping the THC level below .3% by Federal Law. Additionally, each JustCBD full-spectrum CBD oil batch is a 3rd party lab tested for potency and purity.

How to use CBD Full Spectrum?

When using a CBD Full Spectrum tincture, you simply squeeze the eyedropper that has been filled to your set marker. Every eye dropper comes with a measuring cup to help you get the precise amount of CBD you like. Each eyedropper is 1ml, and has markers at .25, .5, .75 and .1. All you do is squeeze your handy dropper and the liquid will fall under your tongue. Try to keep the CBD under your tongue for 30 to 45 seconds. Of course, you can always drop the powerful CBD oil into one of your favorite drinks, like coffee or tea.

How long does it take for a Full Spectrum CBD oil tincture to take effect?

Generally speaking, a person should feel the strong effects of CBD on the mind and body in about 20-45 minutes. Of course, the amount of time it takes for the CBD to work through one’s system depends on the user’s weight and food intake. If you don’t feel the positive effects after 45 minutes, go ahead and try another dose. No worries. It’s literally not possible to take too much CBD and overdose.

How to calculate how much Full Spectrum CBD oil to use in your eyedropper

A 30ml bottle of 1500 mg Full-Spectrum CBD tincture equals 50 mg in each 1 ml eye dropper. Of course, the right Full-Spectrum CBD dosage for you may not be the same for another. It may take a little trial and error to find your ideal dose of Full Spectrum CBD oil.

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